Do you hate men?

No. We are equal-opportunity misanthropes. In fact we love men. Not all men are meh!n. You may have noticed that meh!n have character flaws that make dating less fun than poking your own eyes out with a stick. Women, gender non-binary, intersex people, aliagender, and furries, can all be meh!n.

I dated the Broke Artist. It's like you saw into my soul! Did you read my livejournal?

It’s amazing how many broke artists are out there.

Is there anywhere I can get meh!n other than the website?

Several retail establishments in Montreal carry meh!n the game. There are copies for sale at Encore Books (5670 Sherbrooke West) and at Game Keeper in Verdun (4430 Wellington St). We hope to have copies in other stores soon.

I am a retailer interested in buying copies of meh!n the game for my store. What should I do?

Get in touch with us at for our wholesale prices. Our minimum bulk purchase is 12 decks.

I want to buy lots of copies of your game to give out as gifts to my bridal party or the 500 people at my OTT divorce celebration. How can I do that?

Get in touch with us at for our wholesale prices. Our minimum bulk purchase is 12 decks.

Do you sell the game on Amazon?

No. And if you see meh!n the game for sale on Amazon or AliExpress, some asshole is infringing on our copyright and trademark. Don’t support assholes.

I'm a man. Can I play meh!n the game?

Yes. Men have played our game. They cleverly switched pronouns as needed and used a little bit of imagination.

I am gay/lesbian/asexual/bi/bi-curious/polyamorous/queer/other orientation and the game is designed for straight women. Your first extension pack is for straight men. Are you going to make a version of the game that suits my dating preferences?

We have heard you and hope one day that we will be able to offer a robust extension pack that will meet your needs in conjunction with the original set. Until such time, you have our blessing to pull out the cards that don’t speak to you and modify the cards as needed.   

I want a personalized meh!n card. How can I get one?

You can’t. We don’t make personalized meh!n cards at the moment. You can make and print your own in the fun section of this website.

Will you date me?

Maybe. But chances are you wouldn’t want to date us. We’re definitely woah!men. 

How can I make my online dating profile better?

For the small sum of $199.99 paid in three separate installments we will tell you to take the fish, the boat, your children, and your bathroom mirror out of your pictures.