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Anonymously Suggest a meh!n or woah!men Card

Chances are if you’ve been online dating, you have encountered a few meh!n and woah!men of your own. We hear you! The original deck contains only a fraction of meh!n we have encountered, so unbeknownst to you… your very meh!n might already be in the works or eventually will be. However, if you want to share your experiences with us or have an idea for a card, please make your suggestion below. No identifying information is collected.  Perhaps your suggestion will appear in an extension pack… or perhaps we have met him already. 

Select all that apply.

The Woah!men are coming

By popular request, get ready for an extension pack featuring the woah!men, all the women you should avoid when online dating.  Join our mailing list to find out when they’re available.

Make Your Own meh!n Cards

We give you two blank cards in the starter pack of meh!n so you can customize the deck to your own experiences. It’s really easy to make your own meh!n cards. You can draw your own, but if you’d rather print out one of our upcoming designs, here are a few choice meh!n that may or may not eventually appear in an extension pack. Print them out at a size of 3 inches by 4 inches and paste them on the card. 

To print, make sure to right-click the image > save to computer > print.

Make Additional meh!n Cards

If you want to make your own cards, the template to do so is below. The cards. are 3 by 4 inches. 

mehn card back
mehn card back